Our back-office application, BankTrade®, has been our anchor solution since 1978, and is now being used by over 100 Trade Finance Banks around the world. BankTrade® functionally caters to all of the traditional Trade Finance products while holding up to the highest industry standards in accordance with Global Best Practices.


BankTrade® is the industry leading SWIFT certified, Web-enabled back-office solution, designed to automate and control the Trade Finance operations of financial entities. As a leader and true global player, BankTrade® supports both the Banks’ corporate clients and all other active Financial Supply Chain participants.

Platform independence plays a major role in how we are able to maintain our current customer base with the average customer using BankTrade® for over 10 years. BankTrade® is currently in production on all of the major operating systems in the market. Our clients are provided with important benefits that are reflected not only in their current technology model but any future changes that may be applied to that model.

A fully modular solution, BankTrade® offers the following components:

Commercial Letter of Credit Processing
Standby Letter of Credit Processing
Guarantee Processing
Collection Processing
Reimbursement Processing
Payment Processing
Trade Finance Loans & Discounts
Integration Module with CTNet, SWIFT, Bolero and TSU
Integration tool kit for other non-BT Systems Target Applications

Complementing BankTrade® and propelling our solution to a best-of-class status is our real time reporting engine – TradeStats – and our Global Processing System – GPS. Both products go along with our history of firsts and enable banks to create an information envelope that can be used to make enterprise wide decisions based upon trend analysis and SLA compliance, just to mention a few.


Ease of implementation and maintenance; since all platforms are supported in-house and a customer mirror environment is maintained within our New Jersey headquarters.
Protection of our customers’ software investment as we can support them on any future technology strategy change, without the need to invest in a new back office solution; the same BankTrade® works on all platforms. 
Support for business globalization, centralizing the operation and decentralizing service with a multibank deployment model and a single instance of the solution no matter what platform is required.


BT Systems, LLC. fully participates in the SWIFT Partner Vendor Program.
Further details are available by clicking the following link. Swift Compatible Applications Finder | Swift